​Data Vault 2.0 carries not only the Data Modeling portion on the exam, but also methodology, implementation, modeling, and architecture best practices.  In addition, it also carries a few performance and tuning components and changes to the architecture which make it easier to utilize in production environments.  DV2 Practitioners understand the principles of properly leveraging NoSQL along side the relational space, and they have been introduced to the skills to properly deal with Big Data and MPP systems architectures as well.

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​Kent Graziano, Aka The Data Warrior, has reached Mastery Level in Data Vault 2.0

​Michael Olschimke, ​Co-Author Building a Scalable Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0, has reached Mastery Level in Data Vault 2.0

​Sanjay Pande, Co-Founder LearnDataVault.com, has reached Mastery Level in Data Vault 2.0

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