​​Data Vault 2.0 brings ​Big Data and NoSQL Skills to you!

​Necessary Job Skills for ​​your Future ​in BI and Analytics

​"The Data Vault 2.0 System Of Business Intelligence is ground-breaking, again. It incorporates concepts from massively parallel architectures, Big Data, real-time and unstructured data."  Bill Inmon, Father of Data Warehousing

​Your Job ​​​depends​​​​​​ ​on Agile Techniques and Big Data: ​Data Vault 2.0 ​Delivers!​!!

​Data Vault 2.0 Certified Practitioner ​is a set of job skills that enhance your big data, and noSQL knowledge.  You will learn agile methodology combined  with automation that help you deliver better and faster than ever before.

​CDVP2 = Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner & Workshop class is a three (3) day intensive course consisting of​ lecture, and a​ hands-on ​workshop, white-boarding, and interactive Q&A throughout.​  ​​The workshop helps you​ execute in an agile time-line, ​providing hands on knowledge ​during class time, and ​teaches you how to think about Data Vault models.

​This class covers what you need to know as a practitioner in the world of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.  You learn what a hybrid solution is, how to construct one, the latest in automation tooling, along with concepts around Hive and Hadoop modeling.  You also learn about managed-self-service BI and virtualization.  ​

​The world of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence is changing, to learn new skills is essential to survive in the Big Data and NoSQL Climate.  Come learn about the following topics (first hand!) from an ​authorized ​and trusted CDVP2 Trainer:​​​​​​​

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    ​Architecture – Including NoSQL, Big Data, Hybrid Systems and Relational stores
  • check
    ​Methodology – Including CMMI, Six Sigma, Optimization, Automation, and Generation
  • check
    ​Implementation – Including Performance and Tuning, Set Logic, ELT vs ETL, Parallelism
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    Modeling – Including replacing of surrogates with Hash Keys, data layout, data co-location

​If you're stuck with ​just Data Vault Modeling, then you are only receiving 15% of the overall benefits!  ​CDVDM is no longer​ enough​​​​, ​​I created ​CDVDM over 12 years ago, it is focused on DV1.0 Modeling Standards ONLY - it is out-dated, and has out-lived it's usefulness​.  

There is so much more to Data Vault 2.0 ​ Including Agility, Big Data, NoSQL, and Automation just to name a few..​​​​​.  Time to Upgrade your Skills to CDVP2!

​When CDVDM is ​​NOT ​enough,

​Come Upgrade Your Skills!​​​​​

​Your ​Ability ​​to Translate Data in to Information is ​critical - ​Don't Miss This Opportunity To Learn From The Best!

Come ​and learn what makes Data Vault 2.0 tick, and why it is so important to your career advancement.  Learn why ​organizations like Commonwealth Bank AU, ANZ Bank AU, Yale University, Department of Defense, US Navy, US Army Intelligence, Lockheed Martin, and more are putting their trust in to Data Vault 2.0 solutions.

This class takes you through the why/what/how of Data Vault 2.0.  It includes the coverage of the business justifications, then follows with the technical descriptions of the architecture, implementation, methodology, and modeling. We leave no stone unturned and discuss ​topics ​such as ​agility, ​Six Sigma (Error Reduction), measuring and optimizing at CMMI level 5, the KPA’s and KPI’s of Data Warehousing, Self-Service BI, Virtualization, and more.

Interested in Hadoop?  NoSQL?  How to build a Hybrid Platform?

We ​teach the basics of Hadoop, and NoSQL platforms along side the relational world.  ​We enrich your understanding of how and when to apply Big Data Solutions.  The course finishes with descriptions on ETL and ELT design time paradigms, including templates, best practices and working SQL.  

This class is a ​requirement for anyone wishing to achieve DV2.0 Certified Practitioner status.


​Big Data​ or Unstructured? We share the latest in knowledge on Cloudera, MapR, and HortonWorks.


​We partner with WhereScape and AnalytixDS for the hottest techniques in Automation and Generation!


​We teach you how to increase your value to the business, by focusing on solving Business Problems.

Authorized Trainers always teach from practical experience.

Our Authorized Trainers have the experience in the field that you want.  They can bring you the implementation best practices, war-stories and workable solutions you need to build your complete BI stack.  They have answers to the most challenging questions because they've been there - they don't teach anything they haven't built.  

Authorized trainers are required to have 15+ years of practical implementation experience, coupled with team-leadership skills, and training skills.  Authorized trainers work directly with me (Dan Linstedt) for one and a half (1.5) years before I authorize them to teach this course.  I run them through rigorous train the trainer sessions, grilling them on their background, and covering the materials with them at least five (5) times.  

​The authorized trainer must attend the course no less than three (3) times and participate in discussions during their on-boarding.  Authorized Trainers are capable of leading ​you and your teams to success in a follow on Kick Start Package, or on-site governance and assessments.

Unfortunately non-authorized trainers do not under go such rigorous standards, and typically do not have the background of hands-on implementation of large data sets (big Data), Hadoop, and other solutions – when pressed, they cannot answer such questions.  Not only that, but non-authorized trainers have not spent any time working one-on-one with me, learning how to train these materials.

Have you ever had an instructor who "reads slides"?  Or how about one who has no in-depth implementation knowledge to speak of??  What about an instructor that spent most of their life teaching rather than building or doing?   Well, these types of instructors are out there (and they claim to understand Data Vault) - unfortunately they do not have the qualifications to teach professionals like you


Because they don't have hands-on experience with the tools, the techniques, the technology under the covers.  They've never touched  Big Data or implemented a project with NoSQL engines, let alone understand the data integration routines.  If you are considering a non-authorized instructor, then I personally invite you to challenge them - why not challenge the authorized instructors too, before you go to class or make a decision.   You WILL see a difference, I guarantee it.

​Hands-On Workshops ​bring real-world exercises to you....​​​​​​​​​​

​You and the other students are divided in to teams (usually 4 to 7 people each).  ​Each team ​is given a set of guidelines, source system models, assumptions, and a workshop guide.  The exercise ​lasts one hour.  Each team is responsible for assigning roles: modeler, note-taker, scrum master / sprint leader, etc.  Within the hour, ​you and your team are expected to draw an Entity Relationship Diagram consisting of a consolidated Data Vault Model, list their assumptions, state their reasoning, and pose your questions.

The following morning, ​you and your team ​have a few minutes to present to the class what ​you ​put together, and describe the process ​​you went through to get there.  ​You are invited to ask questions of other teams ​and challenge their ​presentation.

The objective is to provide ​​you with a hands-on team building experience.  There are a number of workshops with slightly different styles and goals, however they all engage you in a team setting.  ​These topics, and many more are covered in the class.  The end objective is to enhance your skill set, so that you are a qualified practitioner / expert in Enterprise Business Intelligence projects.  Whether it’s data acquisition, data provisioning, change management, or project management you now have the skills to deal with whatever is thrown your way.

​Data Vault 2.0 Certification Class Learning Objectives

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    How and when to apply KPA’s and KPI’s for measurement and optimization in business intelligence programs
  • check
    ​What the impacts are of CMMI Level 5 optimization on data warehousing methodologies
  • check
    ​The best practices for automation and generation of ETL / ELT that is highly scalable
  • check
    How Data should be laid out in MPP formats
  • check
    ​What Co-Location is, and data re-distribution in MPP environments
  • check
    ​How to deal with joins to unstructured and semi-structured data sets
  • check
    What the difference is between Schema on Read and Schema on Write
  • check
    How to seamlessly integrate BIG DATA solutions to existing relational database systems
  • check
    How to model your data warehouse using Data Vault 2.0 Modeling techniques

​Bringing you the next evolution of success in ​your BI Solution...

The CDVP2 Class is the ​one to take.​  You might want to check out our on-line CBT course first, to see the high quality of training we provide.

​The Training format is:

  • 1 day of On-line CBT Video based training,
    ​.. 8 hours of run-time divided in to Modules,
    ​..divided further in to 15 minute video segments
  • 3 days of in-person live training

The following roles benefit from attending the first 2 hours of the in-person course, as well as attending the on-line video based training:  * note: The scrum / sprint leads who are to lead teams in build designs require all four (4) days of training.

​The following roles benefit from attending all four days of training:

​Requirements for CDVP2

It is imperative that you watch all the videos before attending the class in person.  If ​you do not, then ​you will miss a significant portion of content, as well as context for how and why the Data Vault exists, and where in business it fits.  

The videos MUST be viewed prior to the certification exam, or the ​you may ​fail the exam!

     ​Hands-On Examples!   

​It is also recommended that ​you ​have a copy of the book: Building A Scalable Data Warehouse With Data Vault 2.0 (available on Amazon.com) prior to attending the course.  ​

This book provides a valuable resource with deep-dive data sets and hands-on examples to back up the lecture with practical and workable solutions.

​Dan Linstedt, Co-Author and Sole Data Vault Inventor

​Register Now: “​Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner​ Course”


​The only Data Vault Class Taught by Authorized Instructors!​

​CDVP2 is a three day in person course, with one full day (8 hours) of Computer Based Training, or self-paced learning.  The agenda for the course is below, and highlights some of the major topics covered in the class.

​Computer Based Training, On-Line

​Agenda Day 1

​Agenda Day 2

​Agenda Day 3

​The practitioner certification test is included as a part of the course.  The test is offered ​privately on-line, usually ​two (​2) weeks after the class completes.  You will need to contact your instructor for further details.  ​We highly recommend studying, as the test is not easy.   It is open book, ​open note.

  • 1
    ​Get Certified!  ​​Credentials provide amplified visibility of a professional’s skill set in the workplace, throughout professional communities and within organizations.
  • 2
    ​Why Get Certified? ​Organization affiliates recognize that evidence of continual learning is desirable and demonstrates the knowledge and skill set necessary to fulfilling professional responsibilities. ​​​​ ​​​​
  • 3
    Time to Shine: ​Having a CDVP2 Certification can increase your chances of promotion, as well as raises.  For the employer, it demonstrates a serious commitment to understanding the data that is the life-blood of their business. 

See what our ​students have to say:

​"This is a superior class."

​"I'm working Data warehouse for more than 4 years, got success on some projects, but there were some questions about how to get full historical data from data warehouse and how to easy integrate all kind of data with re-engineering integration, staging process.

All of these questions found answers when taking this class with Dan. I was also a pleasure to get contact with other Data Vault practitioners there."

Yacouba Ouattara
Senior Programmer Analyst EDW/BI

"T​he best class for BI Certification..."

"​A very useful training for anyone who ​wishes to do BI.
Complete, with a lot of solutions to concrete issues you have already encountered.
Thanks Michael!"

​Igor Marcout

​BI Architect, Allianz 

​Find a Class Now!!

​Look over the scheduled courses to find one that matches your needs.​​​​​​

"​Learn to apply the methodology..."

"​Who could teach me Data Vault 2.0 if not the co-author of the best selling book on this methodology?

Michael Olschimke knows it all from the source (Dan Linstedt) and delivered a solid portion of experience in addition to valuable DV2 training at CDVP2 Boot Camp in Brussels I had a pleasure to attend. The course itself is very intensive and requires constant focus for three days.

But at the end the attendee gets a valuable outcome: either answers to DV2 related questions or ideas, tips and tricks on how to use this methodology in practice.."

​Paweł Potasiński​

​Chief Data Architect, ITMAGINATION

"​Learn how to solve data challenges..."

"​The Data Vault 2.0 training was beyond what I expected. I have been working with Data Vault implementations for a couple of years and was afraid that I wouldn't get much out of the class. But to my surprise, I really did. There were numerous new concepts that I learned.

In addition, Dan is an amazing speaker. He always provides real life examples of why the DV modeling techniques are so important in this ever changing world of Big Data. It's nice to be trained by the author and a real practitioner. I highly recommend this class for anyone taking on a Data Challenge."

Mary Mink​​​​

​Director of Operations

"​Top notch real world examples..."

"​CDVP2 is a great class. The material presentation is top-notch and real world examples of DV 2.0 application tie it all together. The class is also a great networking opportunity. Anyone interested in enterprise-level data storage must attend. As an instructor Dan is approachable and encourages class participation. After class I presented a business problem and he provided some helpful insight. CDVP2 is a a great class."

​David Flansburg

​Senior Manager of Data and Reporting Development , Avadyne Health

​​Have Unanswered Questions or Concerns??

​If you've looked at all the class listings, and you still can't find one you like, OR you would like a ​​class on-site ​- ​then please contact me directly using the contact-me form below.  ​In addition if you have concerns, or questions about the class offered ​anywhere in the world, ​please let me know. 

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​I am happy to discuss a ​custom course build ​for you, on the topics of your liking.  From Big Data, to Hadoop, to NoSQL, to Data Governance, Automation, and virtualization.  If you have a desire to a) cut down the agenda of CDVP2, b) provide an advanced Data Vault class, c) have an on-site assessment, working session, or even a ​hands-on ​class, I'm happy to discuss these things with you directly.

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​Custom courses, on-site locations, Q&A Sessions, Hands-on workshops, Assessments, happy to help where I can.

"​I believe you will be satisfied with all of the CDVP2 training, or on-site assessments you receive.  If you are having trouble with Data Vault, and want to correct your enterprise BI solution - get it going in the right direction, then I'm confident that our classes and instructors will deliver.”

P.S.: ​If you're still debating​ attending this course, or have additional reservations feel free to contact me directly. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the class, the instructors, on-site, off-site, the agenda, customization, or any other BI / Analytics question that is on your mind.

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