Discover the Data Vault 2.0 System of Business Intelligence Called Ground Breaking by The Father of Data Warehousing

Dramatically reduce time, effort and expenditure of building flexible and scalable business intelligence and analytics solutions rapidly on big data platforms by leveraging the step-by-step methods revealed in education designed by the inventor of the Data Vault and DV 2.0


​​Increase your productivity through automation, pattern based design and delivery, rapid build out, and agile development methods.


​​Data Vault 2.0 is a System of Business Intelligence, built for the modern age of Big Data, Data Lakes, and Hybrid Data Warehouses.


​Out top notch Authorized Trainers have years of experience in the field, and can answer in-depth questions about technology and implementation.

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The "Introduction to Data Vault 2.0" course covers the DV 2.0 System Of Business Intelligence, which has so many real-world success stories. ​Discover why Data Vault 2.0 is ​the standard ​for BI and analytics.​​​​​

​Video Topics:

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    ​What is DV2?
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    ​DV1 vs Data Vault 2.0
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    ​Business Issues Faced Today
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    Business Use Cases
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    Managed Self Service BI
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    ​Agile Delivery
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    ​Agile Requirements
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    ​Technical Numbering
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    Roles and Releases
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    Architecture Components

​Father of Data Warehousing
Bill Inmon

​“Over multiple years, Dan improved the Data Vault and evolved it into Data Vault 2.0. Today this System Of Business Intelligence includes not only a more sophisticated model, but an agile methodology, a reference architecture for enterprise data warehouse systems, and best practices for implementation.

The Data Vault 2.0 System Of Business Intelligence is ground-breaking, again. It incorporates concepts from massively parallel architectures, Big Data, real-time and unstructured data.”

​Data Vault 2.0 Automation Partners

Data Vault Express™

Make Data Vault 2.0 delivery a practical reality by automating the entire life cycle. Speed up initial development time by two-thirds, iterate rapidly, respond quickly to change, and improve maintainability.  

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​Dan ​Linstedt

​Inventor, Author

About the Author

Dan started with Enterprise Data Warehousing about 1990 - working for the US Government, Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, and the National Security Agency. With Global Challenges, and Distributed BI, they were accomplishing things in the 90's that only now are seen as leading edge.  He'd be happy to assist you with your Data Lake, Big Data and self-service BI efforts.


"Dan is one of industry's most senior and influential thought leaders in Agile Data Warehousing.Working with Dan you are guaranteed to get "sound expert advice tailored to your business scenario combined with good business ethics. Dan's skills and expertise parallel other industry leaders such as Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball."

​Michael Boggs​,CTO AnalytixDS


"​When I first ran into Dan I was very impressed by his ability to "address any problem". His vast technical insight combined with his ability to listen and ask the right questions is unparalleled. His good reputation in the technical communities is not unjustified."

​Lars ​Gronkjaer Olsen

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