Data Vault 2.0 2018 UPGRADE – 1-day training – Hanover (German) (Sep. 2018)

Thursday, September 27th, 2018 at 09:00 – 18:00


The Data Vault 2.0 2018 Upgrade shows the latest Data Vault 2.0 innovations. Especially topics like Big Data and Hadoop are covered.  The special feature of the one-day training is the modeling group workshop.
Following topics will be covered:

Issues Faced Today

Data Lineage

Data Vault in Business
Big Data/NoSQL

Hadoop Overview / Introduction
Schema on read
Queries in Hadoop
Hybrid Architecture / Data Vault in a Data Lake


Removal of Load End Date
Business Vault Examples

Cloud solutions
Modeling Group Workshop

This course informs about the latest Big Data, Data Warehousing and Data Vault trends. 

Highlight – Hands-On Workshop

Students are divided into teams (usually 4 to 7 people each). They are given one hour and a set of guidelines, source system models, assumptions, and a workshop guide.

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