​Introduction to Data Vault 2.0 Certification

​It's fairly easy to get certified in Data Vault 2.0.  We offer a course called Data Vault 2.0 Boot Camp and Certification.  This class offers a solid foundation of material for the well rounder practitioner.  The class is targeted at everyone who needs to be involved in the Data Vault program and projects.  The class, includes material for: directors, program managers, IT staff (including metadata specialists, data architects, data modelers, data integration specialists, and systems architects).


​Get a Jump On Learning!

​The fundamental open-standards book for Data Vault 2.0 is 683 pages of packed hands-on examples, built for the beginner, intermediate and expert. There is something in this book for everyone!   Work your way through with Microsoft SQLServer Express, a complete cook-book from start to finish.  All students must have a copy of this book for the class.

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    ​Hands On Examples
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    ​Tables,  and Code
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    ​Cubes, Master Data, Virtual Marts

​Have a Data Lake or Big Data?

The class covers many of the needed technologies and new advancements available today.  From Big Data to NoSQL, from Unstructured to Semi-Structured to Fully Structured, and from Hybrid solutions to Relational - this class has it covered.   New materials in this course also cover Hard Real Time, Near Real Time, Azure, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Tez, Drill and more.  ​We dive in to Agile Development and how it works with Disciplined Agile Delivery, SAFe, and Data Vault Methodology - including CMMI, SEI, Six Sigma, and TQM principles and best practices.

The CDVP2 Class is not to be missed. It is the only way to become truly certified in leading Data Vault Principles and best practices.  Take the course from one of our authorized trainers; not only have they taught the class for the past two years, but they also have experience building the solutions, on-site for customers just like you.

​Hands On Classes

​We offer a few hands on classes that help you get acquainted with Data Vault 2.0.   The first class is  Hands-On SQL Workshop, the second class is Hands-On Informatica using Data Vault 2.0 templates.

You can find both courses at http://learnDataVault.com