Partnering is important.  We work with authorized trainers and vendors in partnership.

The authorized trainers program allows individuals to teach the Data Vault 2.0 Certification class by licensing our materials.  They are free to make approved modifications and embellishments to the materials, and can translate the materials in to their native language for better educational instruction.  The partnership is established with the company in which the trainer works.  From there, the individual is certified to teach the class.  Individual instructors wishing to teach the certification class must pass a rigorous exam (Data Vault Instruction Exam), signifying that they are up to date on all aspects of the Data Vault.

The vendor partnership program allows vendors who work with us to provide software that enables better use of the Data Vault.  We ensure that the software’s features and functionality align with the goals and visions of the Data Vault (from the methodology to the architecture and data model).  Vendors who participate in this program receive a special stamp, which indicates that they are part of the “Data Vault Certification Program”.  Some of these vendors allow us to use their software in student training environments.

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